Who's at Insight Expedition?

Ronnie Forbes

Ronnie Forbes Insight Expedition

Supporting individuals, teams and organisations.

Ronnie supports individuals, teams and organisations engagement with the challenges and opportunities arising from "change". In this work he shows up as a facilitator, coach, advisor and consultant to clients within the private, public and third sectors.

His career as a consultant began when he left BP (as an SVP) after 26 years in which his experiences of change projects and the issues arising during change processes led him to an ongoing interest in all aspects of personal and corporate change. 
The transformations and change projects in which he played a leading role in BP included the successful downstream market entry to Japan, merging and reorganizing BP and Aral's combined European fuels businesses and the start up of the "bottom of the pyramid" domestic stoves business in rural Indian villages. During a global career he spent between 2-4 years in each of Japan, New Zealand, USA and Germany. His work and cultural experiences were diverse including country CEO leading corporate M&A, culture change and strategy development.

In the last 4 years Ronnie has continued his passion - helping people, teams and organisations with change. Ronnie has taken on a number of assignments including facilitation of the leadership meetings of a multi-stakeholder alliance, change advisor to a global corporation's IT leadership team, change leadership for a start up and coaching senior level managers.
Ronnie completed a Masters in Organisational Change at the Ashridge Business School in 2011.

Marie Laidig

Marie Laidig Insight Expedition

Uncovering your own life purpose and passions.

As Director of Insight Expedition, Marie is an experienced consultant and dialogic executive coach with over 18 years experience. She has designed, supported and led change in global multinational's, public and not-for-profit sectors. Supporting and facilitating cross-functional, cross cultural teams in the US, UK & Europe and Asia has given Marie a wide experience of leading and coaching people. Her clients include BP, Motorola, The Scottish Government-Education, NHS, Columba1400, AUDI, BNP Paribas, Poverty Truth Commission, together with many others.

Marie excels at bringing diverse groups of people together in conversation enabling them to gain insights that unleash their individual and collective potential to change the way they live and work and go on to bring about positive changes in their own reality. Her dialogic coaching model is person centered encouraging clients to uncover their own life purpose and passion. During Insight Expedition's Marie and her colleagues create the conditions that allow people to slow down and hear their own inner voice and trust in their unique and powerful abilities, talents and skills. Bringing together diverse groups of people from differing parts of the world and society, story telling and mindfulness form core parts of her practice encouraging different perspectives and appreciation of difference in groups to emerge.

IMarie is based near the historic village of Roslin in Scotland with her family. An avid 6 nations rugby supporter other interests include cooking, writing, reading, travelling, eastern philosophy, enjoying live music as often as possible and playing saxophone badly!

Mark Brown

Mark Brown Insight Expedition

World class values led leadership programmes.

Mark is an experienced facilitator, coach and NLP practitioner bringing passion and energy to his work and the people he works with. He has focused the last 10 years of his career working with both young people and adults from challenging backgrounds.

On leaving school Mark spent 7 years honing his talents as a committed live performer and guitar teacher. He travelled the UK and beyond playing over 200 gigs a year and still found time to teach young people and adults the art of music. Fate took a hand for Mark when at 17 he became a young father. Choosing to focus on a career that would allow him to be closer to home he was offered a job working with young offenders. It was during this time that he realised his own potential in working with others, allowing them to experience and realise their own potential.

Mark chose to develop a career in social work in his early twenties, focusing his time working with young people at risk and living in care. Later on he would take time to work with young offenders in institutions such as Barlinnie Prison and Polmont Young offenders.

More recently Mark moved his time and energy to the third sector, playing a pivotal role in designing and delivering world class values led leadership programmes which worked across all sectors and brought young people from tough realities together with those from the corporate world.

His passion for music remains and when time allows keeps his hand in the live music circuit performing with bands throughout Scotland whenever opportunity comes knocking. Mark is married to Laura and has three children, Kristopher, Joshua and Olivia.

Nitesh Gor

Mark Brown Insight Expedition

Chief Executive of the Avanti Schools Trust

His experience encompasses CEO and director roles across the exploration, management consultancy and investment banking industries. He was co-founder and CEO of Dharma Investments, a specialist investment and advisory firm that pioneered the development of the Dow Jones Dharma Indexe

Nitesh is also a published author (Dharma of Capitalism, Kogan Page 2011) and a contributor to Forbes. He brings a a broad business strategy background to Insight Expedition gained as a result of working for two leading corporate strategy consultancies and as an independent advisor to corporate boards.

His primary corporate focus is on leadership, strategy and entrepreneurship. Nitesh has an MBA from London Business School and an undergraduate degree from the University of London. He lives in London with his wife and two sons.

Luci Jones

Mark Brown Insight Expedition

External and Internal Landscapes

Luci has been working in Scotland for 15 years, supporting a diverse range of individuals, families and communities to achieve positive change. Originally from Brighton, Luci studied for an MA (hons) in history at St Andrews. After graduating, Luci spent a year training to be an outdoor instructor. During this period she began to develop an inquiry into the dynamic between 'outdoors and indoors' and how this can stimulate personal change. Luci has had opportunities to put these ideas into practice in a community outdoor project in Glasgow and as a facilitator of leadership programmes in the Highlands.

Luci has always sought to enhance her experience and knowledge of working with people. Luci has a Masters in Social Work and her dissertation explored the potential uses of outdoor education as an intervention with young offenders in Scotland. Most recently, Luci has been working in Glasgow to provide staff development and support in a project for families experiencing complex difficulties.

Luci brings a blend of research knowledge and experience to her work. Luci has a keen interest in people's 'stories' and the impact that this narrative can have on their lives. Luci seeks creative and experiential ways to support people to grow their awareness of themselves and the unique worth and potential that they have. Considered and reflective, Luci seeks to ensure that the process of change is organic and able to flex with individual needs.

Luci lives in Glasgow and enjoys a range of sports, writing songs and trying to learn German.

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