We provide learning based consulting and bespoke development programmes with clients. We seek to build capacity and co create with our clients and draw on a large growing community of practitioners and people from variety of backgrounds and experiences around the globe.

We believe that to lead effectively your ability to coach other people is key. When leading, your success will inevitably depend on the effectiveness of others to deliver. Our dialogic coaching framework, ensures that the coach is alongside you as you learn, offering practical tools, frameworks and ways of thinking to grow yourself and the people around you. We think and learn with you.

Reciprocal coaching across an organisation
We offer a powerful reciprocal coaching process that will enable you and your organisation to tap into the existing abilities and knowledge of your staff whilst maximising impact and minimising costs. This unique process has been successfully applied in a number of different environments, building capacity and skills with those involved.


Rather than a theoretical work shop based coaching skills program, we offer
a practice based model that enables those involved to uncover their existing coaching mode, learn new skills, apply them, and reflect on the practice. Supported by experienced coaches and powerful skills based materials,
you will learn the power and potential of coaching in the workplace.

For more information or to talk through your particular interests contact marie@insightexpedition.com