Opportunities to step back from the frenzy of modern life are rare today. 
The 'tyranny of the urgent' often dominates the thinking of offices, boardrooms, and even in the family, often acting against the kind of reflection that the increasing challenges of day-to-day living demand.

We will offer you the opportunity to develop tools to explore the intersection
of your personal and professional life. We will offer you time to reflect alone,
in pairs and in groups and to share stories together from our life journeys.
We will gain insight from our journaling, music and our guided walks. On your Insight Expedition you will gain personal clarity of thought and vision on matters of importance to you. Our role as 'expedition guides' alongside you
on an Insight Expedition is primarily to offer you the chance to unwind,

Programmes: Expedition

reflect and recharge. We have carefully chosen locations in some of the
most inspirational settings that will allow wisdom and insight to emerge in an atmosphere of purposeful engagement and 'thinking together' in conversation. For individuals, this can be a time of significant renewal and resolve offering insight and opportunity to move things forward purposefully.

We will also design and guide your 'team' insight expedition for groups who would prefer to take time together in a joint experience sharing insights that facilitate greater understanding in the workplace.

Find out more? Email: marie@insightexpedition.com for more details of the program, dates and availability.