Insight Expedition: Guide Preparation Program is a 12 months leadership
and mentoring program for preparing guides to lead insight expedition retreats based on the principles & practices of the approach. We carefully prepare guides who have the qualities, capacities and skills required to hold and guide a process that allows people to engage with their deepest hopes and fears in a community of shared exploration. IEG prepares guides to do in-depth work with all persons who wish to live and work more wholeheartedly.

Insight Expedition Guides will plan and facilitate retreats with the guide playing a crucial role in introducing and establishing this approach in their community. Being an Insight Expedition Guide combines leadership and facilitation with responsibility for program development in the Guides community or profession.

Programmes: Facilitator

Once an individual is accepted into the Guides Preparation Programme s/he also joins other Insight Expedition guides around the U.S., in Europe and Australia in a network called the Insight Expedition Guides. As the Expedition Guides grow in number we know that the resource and leadership-rich group that operates will as a community of learning and practice support and learn with each other. See our News & Events for more information.

We will be taking expressions of interest for our first group to in becoming Insight Expedition Facilitators. The preparation program will begin in late Autumn 2012. If you have any initial interest please email: