"Marie is an extraordinary leader of people. She approaches her life and her work from a values based perspective, which means that she holds a place of true integrity and authenticity. Marie is passionate and compassionate and determined to make a difference in this world. She is an exceptional member of any team making sure that all voices are heard and considered. I look forward to working on more projects with Marie. The sooner the better."
Allan Rudner, Trustee, Co-founder, Pathways Foundation.

"My experience of working with Marie was during the Insight Expedition course. My aim was to look at a certain area of my life and draw conclusions. Through working with Marie I was able to explore much more. I would recommend this for anyone looking to change any aspect of their life or gain insight. It is a good way to meet like minded people, hear your voice and have fun."
Nicola Jamieson, Supply Planning Executive, The Glenmorangie Company.

"I have looked to Marie for help on a number of occasions both as a personal coach and more recently as a coach to my leadership team during a period of significant change. Marie is very insightful in understanding indvidual motivation and team dynamics and has provided excellent advice and practical support to me and my team to achieve a successful change process."
Sue Davison, Technology (Chemicals) Executive.

"I've worked with Marie at intervals over the last 18 years, always with pleasure, but this recommendation applies particularly to the Insight Expedition course which I participated in earlier this year. In two and a half days it provided unexpected and very valuable insights into why I work, the way I work, and how I should integrate work and life. I'd recommend it to anyone faced with changes in their work or their life, or anyone who wants genuine insight into what work means to them."
Michael Mooney, PMO Manager, Virtualisation Programme at Fujitsu.